Christmas eve’

While switching the channels on Christmas eve, the old moments gushed back and reminds her of those special days, how he knelt down a year ago and said “I LOVE YOU” and promised to be with her “FOREVER”.  But all the fairy tale love story ends up with stupid usual fights and separates them from each other.



” 70 years passed but she never forgot the moment when he grabbed her hand and slid a diamond ring on her finger. Her wrinkled cheeks got wet when cherished moments came back in front of her eyes. No matter how harsh life treated her but the smile that was given by him never fade away. Maybe it could be her only strength to have fought for so long.”

नन्ही सी मुस्कान

खाली है वो गलिया जो कल किलकारियों से गुंजा करती थी,

कागज की कश्तियां बना कर बारिशो में बहा करती थी,

रोज सुबह उठ कर एक नई खोज में निकल जाया करती थी,

माँ के बुलाने पर यु दौड़ी चली आती थी,

पापा के कांधे पर बैठ कर बाज़ार घूमने निकाल जाया करती थी,

नींदों में रात के अंधेरो को सपनो से रोशन कर जाया करती थी,

वो बच्चपन की नन्ही सी मुस्कान जो हर दिल को छू जाया करती थी,

आज खो गयी है वो मुस्कान जो बचपन में हर दिल मे बसा करती थी.,

वो नन्ही सी अखियों से उस आसमान को छूने के सपने पिरोया करती थी,
जो पापा का हाथ पकड़ कर कभी चलना सीखा करती थी,

माँ के डाटने पर जो गुम हो जाया करती थी,

फिर उसी के गले लग कर खिलखिला उठा करती थी,

वो बच्चपन की नन्ही सी मुस्कान जो हर दिल को छू जाया करती थी,

आज खो गयी है वो मुस्कान जो बचपन में हर दिल मे बसा करती थी.,
रोज रोज मासूमियत में इस दुनिया के राज को टटोल करती थी., 

वो नन्ही सी जान मासूमियत में सवालों से इस दुनिया को रौशन कर जाया करती थी,

फिर उन्ही सवालों को दादी माँ बड़े प्यार से कहानियों मे बुन जाया करती थी,

फिर वो ही कहानियां उस मासूम के ख्यालो को रंग जाया करती थी,

वो ही मुस्कान एक बार फिर उस मासूम चहरे पर झलक उठ आया करती थी और सब की आखों में सुकून भर जाया करती थी,

वो बच्चपन की नन्ही सी मुस्कान जो हर दिल को छू जाया करती थी,

आज खो गयी है वो मुस्कान जो कभी हर दिल में बसा करती थी.,



“The boy who loved” has been released recently and hits the best sellers list in short period. Unlike the other books of Durjoy, “The boy who loved” is something different. He is known for young-adult romance, but this time he has changed his writing style.

“The boy who loved” is an innocent love story filled with dark twists and turns that creates great interest in reading further. The characters in the book is more realistic with different shades in their own which make the story more interesting and complete. “The boy who loved” also deals with several social issues that still exists in our society.


Talking about the story, it’s a 90’s based innocent love story. It is written in a Journal form by Raghu. Raghu Ganguly is a suicidal teenager who has come from a simple family. Raghu likes to show that there is nothing remarkable about his life-loving, middle class parents, an elder brother who looks up to and plan to study in an IIT. And that’s how he want things to seem- Normal. Deep down in his heart, the secret guilt of letting his best friend drown in school’s swimming pool graws at him from inside and kills him everyday. Every time he tries to hide himself from the world and keeps himself away from making friends, seeing it to be a fair punishment for him. Things have started to change when he meets Brahmi- a girl quite like him but yet so different. Who gives him a meaning to life. No matter how hard he tires, he begins to care… and mostly to be loved. On the other hand brahmi, a simple girl who is Carrying her pain deep in her heart and also a victim of physical assault which comes later in the book. Thats how an innocent love story begins and takes a dark turn as the story grows.


Actually, I love the way Durjoy writes, and with this book he has done the same justice like he has done to his other books. This is a story which makes you read in an one go. The book is written in a journal form so it keeps your interest pinned tilll the end.
“The boy who loved” has an unexpected plot which is unpredictable. As the story starts it feels like that it has started in a faster pace but in the middle it has slowed down and this is the thing that you will not like in this book. This book also face certain grammatical problems, coming from the renowned publication house, this is unforgivable. But as I said this is not the major problem with the book. The book contains just few pages less than 300. This story is filled with lots of drama, twist and turns which makes you glued into the pages. This is the book which will stay with you even after you turn the last page.
Talking about the climax of “The boy who loved” is unpredictable. It makes you feel so emotional in the climax part which leave you in an emotional trauma for days with many questions like- WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT??. As this is the first installment of the duology. So we have to wait for the other part to know how the story will take turn in the next part. I will recommend this book to all fictional lovers who wish to experience something new. This is the book that you can’t skip easily.
          So, thats all from me. Hope you like my review. Please tell me how much you like my review and the book, “The boy who loved” in the comment section.